Specialists in Validation and Support for Decontamination Units within Hospitals

RO Water Analysis & Steam Purity Testing

EN285 Steam Purity Testing

The quality of steam supplied can influence efficiency of sterilisation processes, sterile products and can damage associated equipment used. EN285 outlines the testing criteria and limits to achieve the standard for Clean Steam.

Serve Medical will provide a range of tests to analyse the quality of the steam being used during sterilisation.

  • Endotoxin
  • Conductivity
  • Hardness
  • Acidity / Alkalinity
  • Heavy Metals

RO Water Analysis

Reverse Osmosis water is used as rinse water in many washer disinfectors. The supply of water must be of a specified chemical and microbial quality for all washer disinfectors. Water containing high concentrations of dissolved solids or is hard may impair the activity of the detergents and disinfectants. High levels of microorganisms will decontaminate disinfected items.

Serve Medical will test water samples to make sure the quality complies with
HTM 01-01 Part D.