Specialists in Validation and Support for Decontamination Units within Hospitals

HTM 01-01 Part D Washer Disinfector Testing

Serve Medical will provide a range of tests to bring your machines into complete compliance.

Validation testing for Washer Disinfectors

Test 1 (Weekly Test)

Photo of Hospital Clean Room

  • Weekly safety checks
  • Automatic control tests
  • Water hardness checks
  • Water conductivity
  • Detection of residual Soil
Test 2 (Quarterly Test)
  • Weekly tests (test 1)
  • Cleaning Efficiency test
  • Verification of calibration of WD instrument
Test 3 (Annual Test)
  • Weekly and Quarterly checks
  • Yearly safety checks
  • Doors and Interlocks
  • Dosing
  • Drainage
  • Water Systems

Testing will be carried out by a qualified and experienced microbiologist or test person.

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